Integrated Health

Keeping the whole you, the healthiest possible.

What is Integrated Health? What Do We Offer?

Camino Real Community Services Integrated Health is to improve the early detection and appropriate treatment of physical and mental health conditions as a result of incorporating seamless referrals between primary care and behavioral health care by fostering a team approach to the delivery of holistic and patient-centered care for individuals with comorbid behavioral and medical conditions.
Health Care Navigation provides clients with comorbid conditions the following: health literacy; promote adherence to medication and other treatments; improve access to medical and dental care; promote recovery in the community; and link clients to other specialty services.
Nursing staff provides medication training to educate individuals and families on diagnosed, chronic medical conditions, symptomatology, medications and possible side effects; and the interaction with their co-occurring mental illness. Incidental nursing services are also provided including, but not limited to, processing lab orders, vital signs, weight monitoring, and injection administration.
The outcomes will be an increased access to medical and behavioral health care services for individuals in CRCS services with a focus on increasing the lifespan of individuals and improving overall health outcomes by blending physical and behavioral health approaches and practices of primary care physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors and case managers.

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