Crisis Services

In the event of a mental health crisis, including suicidal or homicidal thoughts, please contact our 24-hour Crisis Hotline or walk-in to one of our Crisis Residential Units located in Lytle or Eagle Pass. If you feel the risk of harm is imminent, please call 911. The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) are an available resource designed to provide 24/7/365 crisis services in order to help individuals stabilize in the most clinically appropriate, least restrictive, and cost-effective setting. Services are coordinated with available community resources in order to link individuals in crisis to access immediate care and reduce the risk of relapse.

The teams’ goals are to provide risk assessment, crisis intervention, and referrals to people in psychiatric crisis and to participate in collaboration of care for clients served by building relationships with community hospitals, substance abuse centers, and the criminal justice system.

Crisis Services Available


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Continuity of Care

The Continuity of Care Coordinator works with persons who are entering or leaving state or local contracted psychiatric hospital care and assists in the transition back to the community. Family involvement is emphasized. The program goal is to monitor progress during the hospitalization and effectively links the consumer with aftercare services upon discharge.

Crisis Residential Unit (CRU)

Camino Real Community Services (CRCS) operates two crisis residential units, located in Lytle and Eagle Pass. These facilities provide residential care to individuals who are in crisis, but need a less restrictive environment than inpatient hospitalization. Typical stays range from 7-14 days and include monitoring and individual and group counseling services.

Lytle CRU - 19971 FM 3175 N, Lytle, TX 78052

Maverick CRU - 2644 Encino Park Dr., Eagle Pass, TX 78852